// The Sire \\

<span>JSN Virginias All In<br/>Drive Me Crazy (ASHA)<br/>

JSN Virginias All In

(Vegaz x Drive Me Crazy (ASHA))

<span>CSP Adriana<br/>CSP Gisele, by Mamage<br/>

CSP Adriana

(Vegaz x CSP Gisele, by Mamage)

<span>CP COZMOPOLIS<br/>CP Cosmopolitan, by Afire Bey V<br/>


(Vegaz x CP Cosmopolitan, by Afire Bey V)

<span>CSP Aria<br/>Callaways Second Date<br/>

CSP Aria

(Vegaz x Callaways Second Date)

<span>Life inthe Fazt Lane<br/>River Dance NA, by A Major Fire<br/>

Life inthe Fazt Lane

(Vegaz x River Dance NA, by A Major Fire)

<span>CSP Danze Tothe Music<br/>Music Nthe Air, by Afire Bey V<br/>

CSP Danze Tothe Music

(Vegaz x Music Nthe Air, by Afire Bey V)

<span>CP Dance Til Dawn<br/>CP Dance Card<br/>

CP Dance Til Dawn

(Vegaz x CP Dance Card)

<span>SD Graceland<br/>Empress Of Bask, by Afire Bey V<br/>

SD Graceland

(Vegaz x Empress Of Bask, by Afire Bey V)

<span>Tommy Bahama PF<br/>A Blessing, by Afire Bey V<br/>2010 Bay Gelding

Tommy Bahama PF

(Vegaz x A Blessing, by Afire Bey V)
2010 Bay Gelding

<span>SF Top Notch<br/>Mona<br/>Half-Arabian owned by Springwater Farms

SF Top Notch

(Vegaz x Mona)
Half-Arabian owned by Springwater Farms

<span>Vegaz Showgirl CCF<br/>Ginger's Dance<br/>2011 Chestnut Mare

Vegaz Showgirl CCF

(Vegaz x Ginger's Dance)
2011 Chestnut Mare

<span>Best Of My Love<br/>River Dance NA, by A Major Fire<br/>

Best Of My Love

(Vegaz x River Dance NA, by A Major Fire)

<span>CSP Worthy Wager<br/>Worthy's Take A Bow<br/>2008 Half-Arabian Mare

CSP Worthy Wager

(Vegaz x Worthy's Take A Bow)
2008 Half-Arabian Mare

<span>Vegaz Style CCF<br/>Merlot CSP, by Mamage<br/>2008 Purebred Mare

Vegaz Style CCF

(Vegaz x Merlot CSP, by Mamage)
2008 Purebred Mare

<span>CP Neon Riot<br/>Ima Dancer Too, by Top Contender<br/>2008 Purebred Gelding

CP Neon Riot

(Vegaz x Ima Dancer Too, by Top Contender)
2008 Purebred Gelding

<span>Royal Flush SKF<br/>Hillcroft Princess Royal<br/>2008 Half-Arabian Gelding

Royal Flush SKF

(Vegaz x Hillcroft Princess Royal)
2008 Half-Arabian Gelding

<span>CSP Gossip Girl<br/>La Pistola, by Matoi<br/>2009 Purebred Mare

CSP Gossip Girl

(Vegaz x La Pistola, by Matoi)
2009 Purebred Mare

<span>Showgirl SKF<br/>Starr Light<br/>2008 Purebred Mare

Showgirl SKF

(Vegaz x Starr Light)
2008 Purebred Mare

<span>EF Viva La Vegaz<br/>Mattatoska<br/>2009 Purebred Mare

EF Viva La Vegaz

(Vegaz x Mattatoska)
2009 Purebred Mare

<span>JSN Magneto<br/>Yolanda<br/>2010 Half-Arabian Gelding

JSN Magneto

(Vegaz x Yolanda)
2010 Half-Arabian Gelding

<span>CSP Mister Vegaz<br/>Quali-Phi<br/>Half-Arabian Gelding

CSP Mister Vegaz

(Vegaz x Quali-Phi)
Half-Arabian Gelding

<span>Social Light<br/>Starr Light<br/>2008 Purebred Mare

Social Light

(Vegaz x Starr Light)
2008 Purebred Mare

<span>EF Moonshine<br/>Tainted Love<br/>2009 Purebred Gelding

EF Moonshine

(Vegaz x Tainted Love)
2009 Purebred Gelding

<span>CSP Vincent Vega<br/>Vanity's Gal<br/>Half-Arabian Gelding

CSP Vincent Vega

(Vegaz x Vanity's Gal)
Half-Arabian Gelding

<span>In The Money SKF<br/>Callaway's In The Money<br/>Half-Arabian Gelding

In The Money SKF

(Vegaz x Callaway's In The Money)
Half-Arabian Gelding

<span>Man About Vegaz VA<br/>Moonbeam DGL, by The Noblest<br/>Purebred Gelding

Man About Vegaz VA

(Vegaz x Moonbeam DGL, by The Noblest)
Purebred Gelding

<span>CSP Lucky Day<br/>Halstead's Winter Day<br/>Half-Arabian Gelding

CSP Lucky Day

(Vegaz x Halstead's Winter Day)
Half-Arabian Gelding

<span>Jokerz Wild<br/>French Seduction, by Hucklebey Berry<br/>Purebred Gelding

Jokerz Wild

(Vegaz x French Seduction, by Hucklebey Berry)
Purebred Gelding